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Regular CORETAKER® 8 ft. Sludge Core Sampler B-10104-8
coretaker sludge core sampler
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CORETAKER® is the most durable sludge sampler available. We only use clear polycarbonate with ultra violet stabilizers. Polycarbonate has superior clarity for inspecting settled sludge blankets for color and texture. And it comes with a Lifetime Break-Free Guarantee. See Guarantee document in Document Library tab below.

CORETAKER® has individually CNC machined couplers and check valve like no other sludge sampler on the market. No threaded fittings that break.

The Slip-Lock Coupler has four internal O-rings that seal the clear tubes for a 100% leak proof coupling. Compare to other samplers with threaded couplers. Threaded couplers have a "bottle neck" restriction that churns the sample as it passes through the threaded coupler. Threaded couplers have an inherent weakness due to the 90 degree angle where the threads meet the male receptacle. Raven's Slip-Lock Coupler is unbreakable in the normal course of usage because it has no 90 degree angles like threaded couplers have.

Raven's CNC machined automatic check valve with internal O-ring is larger than other brand's molded valves. Our check valve has a larger annulus for greater flow through and our ball stop also functions as the fastener for the valve to the clear polycarbonate tube. Drips from the valve are a thing of the past with CORETAKER'S® Hydro-Lock seal. Fewer parts and greater flow through makes good sense.

CORETAKER® has factory applied yellow depth markers from 1 to 7. Markers 8 through 15 are provided and can be installed by the user if desired.

CORETAKER® is sold in packs of 1 through 10 packs. This allows us to optimize shipping costs to your benefit.

Buy 10 for the price of 9.

For quantities in excess of 10 please call Raven at 800-545-6953.

Price with Selected Options: $0.00


Benefits Video Document Library
  • Uniquely engineered with non-threaded fittings
  • 100% flow through Slip-Lock coupler with internal O-rings
  • Automatic check valve with internal O-rings to prevent leaking
  • UV stable clear polycarbonate tubes
  • UV stable UHMW black polyethylene fittings
  • Lifetime no haggle break-free guarantee on USA and Canadian sales
  • It floats
  • Made in USA


  • Clear Tube Material:
    • polycarbonate with ultra violet stabilizer to inhibit oxidation
    • diameter: 1.25 inch (31.75mm) all models
    • wall thickness: 1/16 or .0625 inch (1.59mm)
    • section length: 8 foot (2.4m)
  • Coupler Fitting:
    • CNC machined black UHMW plastic
    • length: 6 inches (152mm)
    • diameter: 1.75 inch (44.4mm)
    • functionality: thru female with 4 internal O-rings with insert stop and single set black plastic screw
  • Check Valve Fitting:
    • CNC machined black UHMW plastic
    • length: 3.375 inches (85.7mm)
    • max diameter: 1.75 inch (44.45mm)
    • inside diameter at sample entry: .70 inches (17.8mm)
    • functionality: fixed female with 1 internal O-ring and automatic check ball with purge stem.
  • Lanyard:
    • black UV stable cable tie
    • grey closed cell foam
    • functionality: user installed floating lanyard
  • Markings:
    • black numbers on yellow background
    • markers 1 thru 7 factory applied to bottom tube
    • markers 9 thru 15 provided for user application
    • water rated markers assist user in measuring settled sludge levels

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