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Filter Media Manager - S-60100
Filter Media Manager - S-60100
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Achieving proper media filter bed expansion during backwash in gravity filters is a crucial step in maintaining filter performance and longevity.

The US EPA recommends 20% to 25%
filter bed expansion to adequately clean the filter media (anthracite, sand). Failure to expand the bed sufficiently will result in "mud balls" that degrade the filter's ability to trap dangerous microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium oocysts and Gyardia cysts.

Until now, the only options for measuring filter bed expansion were home-made type devices or expensive fixed mount microprocessor based echo-time measuring equipment. With the portable Media Expansion Measurement System, Raven offers an affordable solution for water plants of all sizes.

1 year warranty. Made in USA.

Lower the sensor to rest on the compacted media bed prior to backwash.
Press Zero on the controller to set the counter to 0.
As the dirt and debris is being evacuated, the red light will illuminate.
When the backflow water becomes clear, the media will begin to rise with expansion.
Raise the sensor just until the red light goes out. Repeat until the bed finishes expanding.
At this point note the amount of expansion on the display.

One railing clamp is included. Round railing clamp and square railing clamp are interchangeable.
You can purchase an additional clamp in the Replacement Parts section of the store.
Clamping Range:
Round rails 1.25" to 2.25" diameter.
Square rails 1" to 3.75" tall.

Custom rail clamps available.

4 to 6 weeks lead time on orders before January 1, 2020. 2 week lead thereafter.


Railing Clamp*:

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